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Discover the Healing Power of Red Light Therapy for Inflammation and Dry Eye Relief!

At Carousel Eyecare, we are always on the lookout for innovative solutions to enhance your well-being. Today, we're excited to introduce you to the incredible benefits of low level light therapy (LLLT), a natural and non-invasive approach to combat inflammation and alleviate dry eye syndrome.

Dry eyes, meibomian gland dysfunction, IPL and RF

My first encounter with dry eyes was in second year of optometry school. I was tired, pregnant, stressed out and extremely sleep deprived.

Dry Eyes, The Whole Story

When patients say “I have dry eye syndrome” I take a couple of steps back. Most people with dry eyes don’t say I have dry eyes, they mention irritated eyes, redness, watery eyes, mucous in the morning, light sensitivity, and other symptoms. The truth is, dry eyes will (for most people) come and go. But when you acknowledge that you have dry eyes, chances are you’ve already tried a few (failed) treatment options 

Myopia Management

FAQ regarding Myopia management

The Role of Early Detection in Preventing Vision Loss From Glaucoma

Glaucoma, a dangerous eye disease, can cause blindness and visual impairment. Regrettably, glaucoma has risks that many people are unaware of.

Tips for Maintaining Good Eye Health and Preventing Vision Problems

Many people take their eye health for granted, only taking action when they experience vision problems. It is best to observe the following simple tips for maintaining good eye health.


Headaches, neck pain, eye strain, and computer vision syndrome.

The Benefits of Scleral Lenses for Patients With Keratoconus

A degenerative condition called keratoconus causes the cornea to thin and bulge outward into a cone shape. It impairs vision and increases sensitivity to light. Glasses and traditional contact lenses can help manage the condition, but they cannot provide adequate vision correction for more severe cases. Fortunately, there is a solution: scleral lenses. 

How Do Scleral Lenses Differ From Regular Contact Lenses?

Various types of contact lenses are available. That is because vision correction and eye comfort needs and preferences differ. Some people prefer the comfort and convenience of soft contact lenses. 

Relieving Dry Eyes Naturally

My typical approach to managing dry eyes is to lower and eventually eliminate the use of lubricating drops. Lubricating drops mask the symptoms of dry eyes but don’t relieve it long term. I wanted to introduce you to some simple natural ways to help. 

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