Scleral Lenses

In 2014, I met a patient who came with his wife and two precious daughters. He didn't say two words to me and his wife drove him there. It was his first eye exam as he failed to meet the vision requirements to get his driver's license.

He couldn't see the "big E" on the other side of the wall. I tried my hardest to get him to see better but he couldn't see anything smaller than that " big E" or 20/400 despite my efforts. I looked at his cornea and it was not shaped like a sphere, it was shaped more like a cone. That condition is called Keratoconus and in advanced cases glasses do not correct the vision.

I explained the condition to him and to his wife and suggested scleral lenses. Scleral lenses are hard lenses that "mask" the misshapen cornea therefore giving the patient much sharper vision. They agreed and I proceeded to take measurements of his cornea.

One week later, he returned to clinic to try the lenses. As soon as he placed the lenses on his eyes he could see a drastic difference. I will never forget when I asked if I can take a look at his eyes and his answer was " can I go see my kids first?!" He ran out and grabbed the kids faces saying " I can see you! I can see you!"

That experience changed me forever. I dedicated much of my time after that incidence refining my skills and educating people about the power of scleral lenses.

When it comes to contact lenses, it's never one size fits all. This is especially true in the case of physical deformities of the eye. If you suffer from a physical abnormality of the eye, this can make it extremely difficult to find the right size of contact lenses and to find the right treatment for your vision disorder. Fortunately, we at Carousel Eyecare are here to help our patients see clearly with the help of scleral lenses. If you're looking for an eye doctor serving Katy, Houston, Cinco Ranch, Fulshear, Sealy, Columbus, Cypress, Bridgeland, and surrounding areas, we've got you covered.

Why Use Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are an excellent way to correct your vision without the hassle of eyeglasses. This is a good choice for people who play sports, are very active, have high prescription, or simply don't like the look of eyeglasses. If you were told in the past that you're not a good contact lens candidate, that's subject to change. There are continuous advancements in the materials and parameters of contact lenses to fit a larger percentage of people every year.

Contact lenses can also correct refractive errors of the eye, including conditions such as :

  • Astigmatism, which is a more elongated cornea

  • Myopia, or nearsightedness

  • Hyperopia, also known as farsightedness

  • Presbyopia, that's when we need reading glasses

How Do Scleral Lenses Help?

Contact lenses, including scleral lenses, are designed to fit directly over the eye and physically correct any misshapen lenses and corneas causing your vision issues. However, in some people, regular contact lenses are not enough to correct the vision due to severe deformities of the eye or other conditions. Conditions that can prevent people from using regular contact lenses include:

  • Keratoconus, a growth on the cornea of the eye caused by a buildup of protein

  • post-LASIK ectasia, when people develop thinning of the cornea after LASIK surgery.

  • Severe Dry eyes, which can make regular contact lenses impossible to wear

  • Post RK or Radial keratotomy, an old refractive surgery that caused very irregular corneas and glare.

By fitting over the entirety of the eye, scleral lenses can provide maximum comfort and vision disorder treatment.

How an Optometrist Can Help

Dr. Wells will conduct an eye exam to determine which prescription scleral lenses are right for you. A corneal/ scleral topographer is utilized to achieve a perfect fit!

Our team members are extremely patient and passionate about teaching new wearers how to wear a scleral contact lens, how to take off the lenses, and how to take care of them.

If you are deemed a good candidate for scleral contact lenses, we will help you order your first set.

Get Care From an Eye Doctor Serving Katy

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